7 How to stop poverty

Poverty is an issue that has been around for a long time. In my opinion poverty is an issue that could be stop. Even though there are no single solutions to poverty, because poverty is a global issue and one solution will not fix the whole world. But there are many ways that could help stop poverty, but before being able to do this we have to convince rich countries like the United States, and UK that they will benefit from helping stop poverty. Like it says on (thepetitionsite) “the first step to stop poverty would be to convince rich countries like the United States and UK that they would benefit if they help put a stop to poverty.” This is claiming that without rich countries helping us to stop poverty we would never put a stop to poverty, because we need money to stop poverty and by money I mean a lot of money so that we could help those in need of money. I think that with the help of rich countries poverty would not exist in just a few years. Another solution to poverty would povertybe the guarantee of shelter, healthcare, education, food and drinking water to all those people that don’t have these things. (Thepetitionsite) this evidence proves to us that to stop poverty rich people have to be involved, to help donate money to provide people with shelter, water, and food. This is just one more solution to stop world poverty there are many more solutions to this issue, but without having the heart to help those in need we would never be able to end poverty. If we are to solve the crisis of poverty in the world, all the people in the world would have to be involved in an economic system that would promote equality and power for the poor. This solution won’t be simple, and it will require everybody to act against poverty, but through ingenuity and compassion everything is possible, and a brighter future is waiting for our kids.


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