8 conclusion

Therefor we have been able to learned that poverty is one of the major issues in the world that need to be address quickly in the poorest villages in which thousands of people are dying, and most of these people are children’s. We have learned that poverty refers to the condition of not having the means to afford basic human needs such as clean water, nutrition, healthcare, clothing, food, and a place to live, poverty is a deadly issue that’s killing our population slow and that we as the affected ones need to take actions against it. We have also learned that poverty that affect mostly poor people, because of the little resources they have, this means that poverty is an issue that’s harming poor people that want to get out of poverty, but they can’t because they don’t have the support of rich people. Even though there are a lot of people trying to stop poverty, it is impossible to stop it without the support of rich countries, this is because to fight poverty we have to fight it with a lot of money and their only a few countries that could support us with this need. Something else that we have learned is that poverty today is looking worst then when it first started; millions of kids are living on piles of trash dying of starvation. The reason there are so many people living in poverty is because millions of other people are spending money in things they don’t need. (Articlewave) this leads us to the effects of this issue that are deadly illnesses that make people fall and give up on their life, we learned that poverty lead people to abuse of drugs or to abuse of other people. And even though many people support the idea of helping those people who live in poverty, there are also those that don’t support people who are trying to stop poverty. And the most important thing that we have all learned from this research is that poverty can be stop, but to be able to stop it we must all support each other, with no hate or anything that could harm us. So for those that are willing to help don’t help because you feel pressure, do it because you want to and your heart is telling you to do it.


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